Ahead in 2013

In the new year, look for news and tools from the Alternative Staffing Alliance related to:

Preparing for Health Care Reform
We’ll be providing updates throughout the year to help alternative staffing organizations plan for implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2014.

Opportunities in Health Care Staffing
Health care continues to be a large and high-growth sector of the economy and many jobs are lower skilled, paraprofessional positions accessible to individuals with limited education and work experience. Despite a relatively high temporary penetration rate, alternative staffing organizations are not very active in this industry. The Alliance will research health care staffing to understand its growth potential, trends, barriers to entry and critical success factors. We will also seek to identify strategies to mitigate risk and gain market access.

Supporting Workers to Increase Conversions to Hire and Long-term Retention
The Alliance will monitor and share the results of ASO members with initiatives to improve their workers’ job conversion and retention rates, including GoodTemps in Muskegon, Michigan, Chrysalis Staffing in Los Angeles, and others.

Documenting the Impact of Alternative Staffing
Drawing on insights from the Alliance’s annual performance survey and Mott Foundation-funded Alternative Staffing Demonstrations, our goal is to develop an approach for modeling both the quantitative and qualitative impact of alternative staffing, to help individual ASOs and the field of practice to make its case. Our initial focus will be to work with ASOs to standardize data measures and explore cost effective strategies to collect data.

Telling the Alternative Staffing Story
As a companion piece to our data collection, we are interested in developing a short video targeted primarily to potential adopters. Along with basic background on the alternative staffing sector, the video will feature a diverse range of practitioners testifying to the efficacy of the model and include beneficiary interviews as well.