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Giving Low-Wage Workers A Pathway Out Of Poverty

May 29, 2013 No Comments by

In an interview with, Vanessa Bartram, founder of Alliance member WorkSquare explains her view of business as “a natural vehicle for affecting poverty,” discusses her decision to organize as a for-profit, and describes her plans to expand to three more branches in southern Florida.

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Member Profile: First Step Staffing, Atlanta

Apr 30, 2013 No Comments by

First Step Staffing is a nonprofit enterprise launched in 2007 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Greg Block as a strategy to help homeless individuals re-enter the workforce, earn steady income and break the cycle of homelessness. First Step partners with a variety of transitional housing organizations in Atlanta to recruit job-ready individuals. A second business line, […]

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ASO News from Chicago

Apr 29, 2013 No Comments by

“Second City” Chicago is second to none when it comes to alternative staffing. Following are brief snapshots from our recent visit to four alternative staffing organizations there: Civic Staffing at Harborquest Harborquest has recently joined forces with A Safe Haven, a major Chicago homeless services provider that assists some 5,000 people annually to stabilize their […]

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Alliance members present at upcoming conferences

Apr 25, 2013 No Comments by

Alliance members will be spreading the good word about alternative staffing at three conferences in May. Dave Shaffer from DePaul Industries will be presenting at the Business4Better Conference & Expo on May 1-2 in Anaheim, California, an event designed around bringing businesses and nonprofits together in creative and meaningful partnerships. On May 9, Françoise Carré […]

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The Business Case for Employing People with Disabilities

Mar 28, 2013 No Comments by

People with disabilities are among the top three populations served by alternative staffing organizations, according to our annual performance survey. In a recent DePaul Industries blog, Dave Shaffer highlights evidence that supports the business case for employing people with disabilities in the form of reduced costs, increased productivity and lower employee turnover.

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