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Goodwill Temporary Staffing grows health care business niche

Apr 06, 2016 No Comments by

Health care continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the American economy. While temporary workers staff a significant number of health care positions overall, alternative staffing businesses rarely report serving this industry. Alliance member Goodwill Temporary Staffing (GTS) in St. Petersburg, Florida is an exception, steadily growing its health care placements in […]

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New Member Helen Hadlock, GTS Staffing

Mar 23, 2016 No Comments by

The Alliance welcomes new member GTS Staffing, an enterprise of Goodwill Industries of Kentucky! GTS Staffing has operated for nearly two decades with offices in the state’s two largest metro markets, Lexington and Louisville, about 70 miles apart. Last year GTS Staffing employed over 1,000 job seekers with diverse barriers to employment. Light manufacturing is […]

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Member Profile: TCP Staffing, Chicago, Illinois

Mar 15, 2016 No Comments by

Meet Joe Mutuc, Managing Director of TCP Staffing at The Cara Program in Chicago. Now in its third year, the business is using a new “mobile” onboarding approach to grow its candidate pipeline in order to grow sales and expand its customer base.

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Alternative staffing part of LA strategies to reduce homelessness

Mar 01, 2016 No Comments by

Landmark plans approved by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and City of Los Angeles to combat homelessness include employment strategies that promote greater use of alternative staffing organizations (ASOs) and other social enterprises. While the nation’s overall rate of homelessness fell 2% last year, homelessness in large US cities increased 3%, nowhere more […]

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REDF selects seven Alliance members for social investment portfolio

Feb 18, 2016 No Comments by

REDF, the California-based social venture investment fund, has announced a new portfolio of 22 employment social enterprises, including seven Alliance members! REDF’s award from the federal Social Innovation Fund (SIF) is partially funding its 2016 portfolio, selected after a nationwide competition that drew over 200 applicants from 36 states. The portfolio organizations will collectively receive […]

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