GoodCall Contact Center creates career pathway for reentry candidates

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Goodwill Central Texas and their Business Solutions division has opened a new outbound Call Center, GoodCall, in response to the high demand for call center talent in the Austin market and to create higher wage employment opportunities for reentry candidates.

The Call Center currently employs 8 employees, is recruiting 6 more, and expects to grow to at least 20 employees by the end of 2017. Workers are placed in six-month temp assignments earning $13.50 to $14 per hour plus commission, with a plan to be full-time.

GoodCall’s first client is YPC Media, Inc., based in Rochester, New York, a national provider of online marketing services (website development, SEO optimization, etc.) to 5,000 to 6,000 small businesses, mainly in service industries. GoodCall Center employees make outbound calls to introduce YPC’s services to small business owners and schedule appointments with YPC salespeople.

YPC has partnered with Goodwill to supply all the necessary electronic equipment along with sales management staff that provide on-the-job training, including job shadowing and call monitoring.

Goodwill Staffing Group president Robyn Householder explains that the YPC business fits well with their strategy to target commercial business that doesn’t involve credit card transactions and is thus “felon-friendly.” By design, they are not pursuing government service contracts that often impose restrictions related to hiring or handling sensitive personal information.

So far, it is working exceptionally well! GoodCall employees exceeded first month sales goals, and YPC wants to increase staff to 14 people as soon as possible, well ahead of the plan to add 4 more workers each quarter. YPC’s CEO has told Robyn “this is our first ever venture where we recouped our investment within the first 30 days.”

Concurrently, Goodwill is working with the local call center trade association, Austin Contact Center Alliance, to develop curriculum for two new certifications – Call Center Professional and Call Center Manager – that will be offered through the Goodwill Career and Technical Academy. The trainings will further expand the Academy’s Just in Time training portfolio of one-to-three week courses that give job seekers trade-specific skills for entry to mid-level positions in high-demand industries.

Goodwill expects to market its new training certifications to incumbent workers of the 200 or so call centers within a 15-mile radius of Goodwill’s office in Austin. Meanwhile, GoodCall is already in discussion with its next customer prospect, a commercial insurance company.


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