Lessons from “Best of Staffing” firms

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Inavero has announced the results of its annual Best of Staffing survey, which measures Net Promoter scores based on responses from 1.2 million staffing clients and candidates nationwide.

The Net Promoter methodology involves asking a firm’s clients and talent (candidates), on a scale from zero to 10, how likely they are to recommend their staffing firm to others. Scores are calculated by subtracting detractors (those who answer 0 to 6, “not likely”) from promoters (those who answer 9 or 10, “extremely likely”), so scores can range from -100% to 100%.

Overall, staffing industry client satisfaction scores have hovered in the single digits in recent years, from 8% in 2013 and 2014, to -3% in 2015 and 4% in 2016. Placed candidate scores have held steady around 21%. In contrast, average scores for Best of Staffing winners are 68% for clients and 67% for talent.

Based on its further research, Inavero has identified five things Best of Staffing winners do to drive high levels of client and talent satisfaction:

Add value early and often, and deliver
Best of Staffing firms are consultative and demonstrate their expertise as part of their sales process, sharing data relating to salary trends, labor supply and demand, and other relevant topics. In making appointments with business prospects, the invitation is, “We make lots of placements in your industry. Let me share what we’ve learned about your industry and overcoming barriers to sourcing talent.” Another approach might be, “We can work with you to create training solutions to meet your needs.”

When customers place orders, staffing firms set expectations early, especially for positions that are harder to fill. They maintain their reputation for quality by making good matches based on candidates’ qualifications, motivation and culture fit.

Make it personal
People do business with people they like and trust, and Best of Staffing firms take time to get to know clients and candidates and build authentic relationships. They care more, and that comes across in their personal interactions.

Invest time in the candidates’ experience
Best of Staffing firms ensure that candidates work in safe environments, receive proper training and supervision, and feel a part of their host employer’s team.

Deliver the best, but prepare for the worst
Best of Staffing firms follow a process that yields fewer issues, and when problems arise, they move quickly to resolve them. Speed of recovery matters as much as outcome, and empathy is key.

Improve service, and amplify the voices of success
Staffing firms can’t be their own cheerleader. While 1 in 10 prospects are inclined to trust you, 7 in 10 will trust your clients. Customer testimonials are the second most credible source of information (after customer referrals), and Best of Staffing firms effectively use them.

Inavero’s advice in crafting good testimonials: share enough information to stand out, ensure they’re current and relevant to your target prospects, highlight people at your firm, and make testimonials highly visible on your website. Ask yourself, when prospective customers visit your website, will they like what they see?

Listen to Inavero’s full presentation here.


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