SourceAmerica adds commercial staffing services to employ veterans and people with disabilities

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SourceAmerica, a nonprofit agency that brokers federal government procurement contracts with local nonprofits that train and employ people with disabilities, is developing several new lines of business including Staffing Services, targeted to commercial (private sector) customers.

For decades, SourceAmerica has helped federal government agencies buy products and services from a nationwide network of nonprofit “AbilityOne” contractors whose businesses range from manufacturing, assembly and packaging to property maintenance, food service and call center support. In 2013, some 600 AbilityOne partners employed over 125,000 people with significant disabilities and paid over $726 million in total wages at an average hourly wage of $12.30.

Now, with new Department of Labor rules that encourage federal contractors to employ greater numbers of veterans and people with disabilities, SourceAmerica sees commercial staffing services as a strategic opportunity to help employers meet their hiring goals, move more untapped job seekers into the workforce, and build on its contractors’ business expertise and growth capacity.

Denise Carter is leading the staffing services team and is working to establish a Staffing-Managed Service Provider (MSP) program in which SourceAmerica will serve as a single point of contact for employer customers, and coordinate job order fulfillment through its network of AbilityOne contractors (including five Alliance members) and other alternative staffing organizations. Workplace disability awareness training for hiring managers will also be offered as a complementary business service.

SourceAmerica’s Staffing Services Program team is working to finalize its internal operating procedures and systems with a target date of March 2015 to officially launch.


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