Value to Employers

Alternative Staffing Organizations (ASOs) deliver value to employers.

High turnover among entry-level employees is a chronic and costly problem for many businesses. Alternative Staffing Organizations (ASOs) help companies lower turnover and save money by delivering better prepared, better supported candidates that get up to speed faster and stay on the job longer. Working with an ASO enables employers to make new hires with confidence.

Employers report they prefer alternative staffing suppliers because:

ASOs take the time to understand the employer’s business needs.
“They understand our environment, [we are] not just going to a placement agency.”
“[Our ASO rep] knows and cares about our business.”
ASOs’ quality of screening is usually higher than that done by conventional staffing agencies.
“[Our ASO] screens people better, I don’t just get a warm body.”
“I like the screening that they do. It saves me a lot of time when I’m looking for someone because they do a lot of the legwork for me.”
ASOs work closely with customers’ frontline supervisors to evaluate workers, handle problematic issues and perform troubleshooting.
We appreciate their willingness to go beyond the general call of duty to get things done.
“If we say we’re having a problem, [they] accept that there is a problem.”
ASO workers receive supports that enhance performance and reliability.
“The support structure is their [workers’] safety net … we can’t provide it”
“The support services help me get my work done.”

“We offer our customers access to a highly-motivated, well-trained, well-screened and well-supported workforce, along with the opportunity to practice their social values and help to meet their workforce diversity goals.”

Bill Schwartz, Civic Staffing, Chicago, Illinois